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I'm an author, professor of writing and literature, father of a daughter dying from liver disease, inspiration guide, International martech Music consultant, and other skills mentioned on my LinkedIn. My second book Guitarlo, a memoir, was published in 2016 by Afterhours. For the past few years I've taught writing and literature at writing retreats on Bali,  memoir writing courses and workshops, "college entrance essay boot camp" at the Gadjah Mada University (Universitas Gadjah Mada) inYogyakarta, Indonesia, and tutored students privately with their American college entrance essays. I received an MFA in Creative Writing at Hamline University as well as Doctor of Humane Letters from UGM University in cultural affiars and scholarship. I also participate in International music podcasts from Australia, produce music videos, played guitar and sang in the Minneapolis based Longhorn alum Vitamin Q. I lived in Minneapolis, MN for over 50 years.  I'm currently writing at least two books. I accomplished all this without the benefit of being married to a rock star or born into legacy. I can show you how.

One of my many writing retreat locations on Bali (email me for info)

Guitarlo format (340 pages - 5x8 paperback)


genre: memoir



Guitarlois Arlo Hennings engrossing and wildly innovative account of lifes absurdities, pain, warmth, humor, and a bold statement on how being crazy in a sick society is healthy. 30 memoirs patch together dreamscape, part elegy for the departed and for time itself. Guitarlo, also explores the uncovered abyss beneath our illusory sense of connection with the world. World-weary wisdom infuse such sunburned narrative as rock n' roll, Shamanism, skateboarding on volcano rims, global settings, and underrepresented voices. Set firmly in reality but explores something fantastical, and psychologically adept narratives with a surreal or subversive bent. Taken together, this collection comprises a bravely intelligent mosaic of what it means to be alive as a whole person.

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Nelson Mandela


Hunter S. Thompson



Lawrence Ferlinghetti - author



Russell Means

Shawn Phillips




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The First 13 Years
Tyrannus Nix, Jesse “the body” Ventura and Lawrence Welk
Days of Circus Passed
The People's Fest
Rainbow Tribe
Crowns and Bridges
Clement Stone and the Lady of the Loon
New Wave and Honeymoon with Dad
Journey to Tinsel Town
He Aint Heavy
The Wind of Pail
Mom and the Magic Dragon
Splashy Fen



Welcome to the Bud
The Botanical Gardens
52 Goodfingers
A Fortunate Alliance
Siddharlo Guest House
Sapar and the Case of Demonic Posession
The Oracle of Bones
Tale of Two Weddings
The Flight of the Mermaid
Happy House Villa
Bima Puppets
Ballad of Catherine Amrit
Thump, Asia
American Selfie

Published September 2016 - International distribution via Lightning Source

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