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Guitarlo format (340 pages - 5x8 paperback) $17.99 USA and e-book $9.99 USD


genre: memoir



Guitarlo is a compelling, and to-the-heart honest, memoir. Arlo Hennings takes the reader on a decades journey from his challenging childhood, blossoming as a poet, song writer, musician, agent, husband, father, son… to his current life in Indonesia where he continues to promote and create music. The inspiration that brought him to Bali began at an Occupy protest where he was clubbed and arrested, having lost his job, home, marriage. A dramatic, and very real, event, as are many events in Henning’s six-decade life journey. His connections to Allen Ginsberg, Hunter S. Thompson, The Merry Pranksters, and so much more, you’ll read/see. A trip to South Africa with the singer Shawn Phillips as Mandela is voted in as president - the first integrated rock concert, described with all its tension and, yes, beauty. The villa Hennings builds in Bali for visitors - the visitor’s descriptions come alive on the page with insight, and Henning’s trademark humor (you will LOL). The shaman, 52 Goodfingers, will live in my heart forever- sacred, alive, tragic, hilarious. This memoir reveals family tragedies, personal tragedies, and so much JOY, appetite for La Vida, from his boyhood to his present life. Hennings’ humor is like a sweet tide that keeps bringing us to shore, and his sheer love of being alive brings deep wisdom within these pages. I’m left with a sense of transcendence, with that jolt of laughter that makes it all absolutely real. And human.

Alma Luz Villanueva, winner American Book Award

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A few of the people and places you will encounter in these stories

Nelson Mandela


Hunter S. Thompson

Jesse "the body" Ventura

Clement Stone - billionaire

Lawrence Ferlinghetti - author


Angelo Mozilo

Russell Means

Shawn Phillips

Ken Kesey



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The First 13 Years
Tyrannus Nix, Jesse “the body” Ventura and Lawrence Welk
Days of Circus Passed
The People's Fest
Rainbow Tribe
Crowns and Bridges
Clement Stone and the Lady of the Loon
New Wave and Honeymoon with Dad
Journey to Tinsel Town
He Aint Heavy
The Wind of Pail
Mom and the Magic Dragon
Splashy Fen



Welcome to the Bud
The Botanical Gardens
52 Goodfingers
A Fortunate Alliance
Siddharlo Guest House
Sapar and the Case of Demonic Posession
The Oracle of Bones
Tale of Two Weddings
The Flight of the Mermaid
Happy House Villa
Bima Puppets
Ballad of Catherine Amrit
Thump, Asia
American Selfie

Published September 2016 - International distribution via Lightning Source

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Also, special editorial contribution by Alma Luz Villanueva / Maryl Skinner/ Denny FitzPatrick/LM Sisley/ Patricia Kerkenaar-Richards/David Perka/Terry Collins

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